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Random favourites <3 Everything (paleoartistic or not) that I think it's stunning or interesting!


That's a truly defined photo. I've got many cats and I love them but I am not mad about yellow-eyed grey cats, while this one is well d...

Beautiful shot. You managed to capture a very special moment and enlightening not only from the anatomical point of view, but Also visu...

Fantastic! First, I love the way you laid out the colors, so soft and just sufficiently tridimensional. I like the various reflections ...

To begin with, I generally like your style and the way you match colors to patterns in animals. In this case the choice of green and bl...

The thing I love most about this is that you have lipped portrait . I think it's the first or maybe the second time I see a lipped tyra...

More than a critique, this wants to be a lot of compliments from a hyper-enthusiast of paleoart and scientifically correct velociraptor...



Danny Cicchetti
Artist | Student | Varied
No, I didn't forget my password.=P (Razz) 
Without going too far (but I guess I'm going toProblem? ) I'd like to thank all of people who encouraged and spurred me, complimenting my work both on DeviantArt and elsewhere in the last few years.
I thank all of my followers apologizing for my disappearance.
As you can wonder, a boy of my age has way too many commitments.
Especially this damn boy I am, for which dinosaurs are never been the only concern. Some of you may be aware of my other interests (that currently became jobs), including music Pianist fella (Music Band) and dance:ballet: . It can be said that I have two faces:jekyll'n'hydewoooo: , and although one doesn't rule out the other, in the last few months I have surely spent time concentrating on my musical career, neglecting paleoart and dinosaurs stuff. The Good Dinosaur - Arlo Icon 3 
That doesn't mean I'm done with dinosaurs. But, you know, this may have happened too early. I mean, I'm 17 yo, and when I started drawing and talking with worldwide known paleontologists I was just 13, so it all kinda happened too fast. I still remember when I had my blog, and many people, especially Italian enthusiasts, used to read my posts and cite me everywhere as if I were a high experienced expert, who was actually just a little obsessed child with a great passion (that's still on) but devoid, due to obvious reasons, of the necessary skills.
I remember when I was involved with that feud with Andrea Cau. It makes me laugh, now that I'm thinking again about it. I feel as it had been really gross. A stupid boy talking and discussing with some of the most known and respectable italian paleontologists without being actually conscious about the whole stuff.
I also think I've been traumatized by that situation. There's been a point when I fell depressed because of his anti-youngpseudopaleontologists posts. But you know what he was totally right (and I was totally crazy LOL). I think I've landed like a meteor on his blog, raising controversy, commenting on everything, discussing everything in an as enthusiastic as inappropriate way. Disbelief I just had no idea about what I was doing. Of course, that's because I was only 11 (time flies...) and I had some kind of mental disorders whatever... :( (Sad) 
But, growing up and maturing, I've kinda felt ashamed but at the same time I'm proud of my improvements (also artistically) and I haven't given up. Now I'm working on my degree thesis, which is about transition between reptiles and birdsHmm. Evil plotting in progress. . During the forecoming summer holidays I'll also be working on my dinosaur encyclopediaWoohooooo!  (... it's a very big project I'm really excited about, and it will include 200+ illustration by me and accurately detailed descriptions about 1000+ dinosaur species including non-pygostylian avians, and I'm so sorry it's gonna be in italian language, but Italy seriously needs paleo-scientific education, they still consider JP as a science documentary after 25 years... ). So, I'm gonna tell you again, I'm not done with dinosaurs. But, everything will come at its time. The next year I'm gonna start attending the natural science university address at La Sapienza in Rome wasn't built in a day . My plans include specializing not just in paleobiology, but in ornithologyAnnoying Headbanging Trash Dove Facebook Emoticon , entomologyButterfly Free avatar  and microbiologyHIV  as well (I know I'm ambitious, so let's see how far will I go) and at the same time accepting an internship job with a Lazio's paleontology association which has been established after the 'Tito' conferences, that I attended last yearTiny Pink Dinosaur . With all these things I have to do (including a very demanding private life) it will be realistically impossible to keep posting drawings here on DeviantArt.
...I don't want to make promises but I'm pretty sure my encyclopedia will be published somewhere around summer 2018 in Italy, and then a translation process to english will take another half-year. Likely, the final english version will be available via internet PDF or Kindle around Christmas 2018. Not a promise... but I can tell you I'm pretty sure.
Will there be new drawings by me (I mean in the enyclopedia)? Yes, but they will all be kind of black and white silhouettes. Now I can look back at my drawings and check out how too colorful they were, much to distracting from their educational functions.
At the moment I've just finished the ankylopollexian part of the Ornithopoda chapter (102 ankylopollexian species described). June will be a lot of work about dryosaurids, thescelosaurids, rhabdodontids, hypsilophodontids and “australophodontids” (some of you may remember my old posts about “australophodontids” and their relationships with Tenontosaurus).
The other chapters of the ornithischian volume will include Thyreophora, Marginocephalia and a small chapter about Heterodontosaurids/Fabrosaurids.
I'll start working about Saurischia likely around this November.
Any suggestion is accepted and anyone who is interested, please, feel free to contact me on Book-fb
See you soon dino-guys, thanks for all the support.
Thank you too, DeviantArt deviantART, I learned a lot here and I'm still learning. I'm still so young I have so much to learn and so much to give.
You must never be fed up with learning in your life. Remember that.;) (Wink) 

p.s.: Sorry for my odd english, I think I never apologized for that during those years.Confused 
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Around thirty new dinosaurian taxa have been established this year. Maybe it's not been a year full of startling discoveries, but we got some key taxa that have improved the phylogenetic resolution in different microdots of the dinosaurian tree, both in ornithischian and saurischian branches.
Just think about Chilesaurus, for example. In addition to being already a beautiful discovery due to its abundance of remains, it showed for the first time the existence of a possible and still unknown clade of aberrant tetanurans provided of ornithischian homoplasies.
Chilesaurus by Dennonyx
Another amazing and wonderfully preserved new theropod is Yi, which confirms in a spectacular way the hypothesis of planar patagia in scansoriopterygids.
Then we have the giant dromaeosaur Dakotaraptor, significant for its ecological implications being the first giant deinonychosaur known from the extremely late cretaceous. Hell Creek is confirmed as one of the most complex and important paleo ecosystems suitable to the scientific studies.
The Stout giant and the Slim giant by Dennonyx
Other three dromaeosaurids have been established: the basal microratptorian Zhenyuanlong, the dubious Boreonykus and a new species of Saurornitholestes: S. sullivani. 
Oviraptorid Huanansaurus and coelophysoid Lepidus are the other new theropods described in 2015.
We have also a lot of new sauropodomorph taxa, most of them are virtually irrilevant in terms of phylogenetic upgrades. Among them, the macronarian Haestasaurus, the brachiosaurid Padillasaurus, the mamenchisaurid Qijianglong and the primitive Sefapanosaurus, Pulanesaura, and a new species of Eucnemesaurus. Don't forget also the taxonomic definition of diplodocids Galeamopus and Brontosaurus.
A lot of new ceratopsian taxa have been described. Besides a new centrosaurine (Wendiceratops) and a new chasmosaurine (Regaliceratops), there have been described some interesting basal forms, such as the leptoceratopsid Ischioceratops...
Merry Ischioceratops by Dennonyx
...and the more primitive Hualianceratops and Mosaiceratops.
Mosaiceratops by Dennonyx
On the ankylosaurian side, nothing has been discovered, but several fascinating taxa have been taxonomically defined and renamed: Horshamosaurus (at first assigned to Polacanthus), Chrichtonpelta (originally classified as a species of Chrichtonsaurus) and Kunbarrasaurus (once hypothesized belonging to Minmi).
Kunbarrasaurus skull nomenclature by Dennonyx
At the end, we have several new ornithopod taxa, among which iguanodontids Morelladon and Iguanodon galvensis, hadrosauroid Koshisaurus and saurolophin hadrosaurids Ugruunaluk and Probrachylophosaurus.
Probrachylophosaurus by Dennonyx
What would you want from 2016? Personally, I'd say aberrant stegosaurian plates and carnivore therizinosaurids; but I'm curious to know your wishes as well.
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It hasn't been a bad year. It can be said that, unlike in 2013, there were more significant revaluation studies rather than institutions of new species.

Stand out among all two new aspects of historical theropods: Deinocheirus and Spinosaurus. Curiously, it has been noted as an incredible coincidence as both the two giants show several homoplasies and similar ecological adaptations the one with the other.
Noteworthy are also studies of anatomical and phylogenetic reassessment carried out on vulcanodontid Antetonitrus and camarasaurids Lourinhasaurus and Aragosaurus, plus an thorough study about Manidens toothing and Heterodontosaurus postcranium, which together constitute a great source of retail knowledge on the heterodontosaurids skeleton.
Two other notable items that unfortunately aren't exploded in the pop web as they should have been are the one reporting the discovery of a juvenile specimen of Megaraptor and the one about the classification of "Saurornitholestes ROBUSTUS" as a troodontid (and so not a dromeosaurid, instead).
Furthermore, Arrhinoceratops is now considered a valid genus, more derived than Anchiceratops but less than the node Triceratopsini (Eotriceratops+Ojoceratops+(Triceratops+Torosaurus)).


Talking about new species, there are definitely some of which I've been madly in love.

First of all, Aquilops. Damn, what a fucking beautiful name, maybe more beautiful than the poor "Syntarsus" replaced by that shit of name that is Megapnosaurus.
Aquilops is the cutest and most interesting ceratopsian to date. So small and particular, with that horned beak... When I'll end the dino-alphabeat I will definitley make a portrait of it. For sure.

Then we have Anzu!  Anzu ! by Dennonyx
You know, every day an unnamed oviraptorid receive a true name and a true study, is a wonderful day for everyone of us.

Another new genus that I've restored is the hadrosauroid Zhanghenglong.
Zhanghenglong by Dennonyx

Am I the only one thinking that it's not just the umpteenth chinese ornithopod to be snubbed?
Thinking about hadrosaurians, I'd like to report your attenction to the new genera Gongpoquanosaurus, Plesiohadros, Rhinorex and Adelolophus (we could've had 'em all rolling in the deep) [LOL]. 

Surely, none of you snubbed the tyrannosaurinae Nanuqsaurus, known by skull fragments... 
Nanuqsaurus by Dennonyx
...but still significant for its paleogeographic implications.

Another tyrannosaurid erected this year is the alioramin Qianzhousaurus
Alioramini by Dennonyx
Even if being Alioramini a unresolved trichotomy, we can't say that Qianzhousaurus is taxonomically valid since it's not more or less different from Alioramus remotus rather than A. altai.

I adored Gobivenator. Its specimen is one of the best among advanced troodontids.
Gobivenator by Dennonyx
Not the umpteenth eastern "deinonychosaurian", even if not so marvelous as the new microraptorine Changyuraptor.

The last of the new species that I've restored is the futalognkosaurian sauropod Quetecsaurus, known by not-so-few elements.

Quetecsaurus by Dennonyx
I think I was the only one who cared about him. 

Another sauropod you may see among my restoration is the enormous Dreadnoughtus (see the letter D of the dinosaur-alphabet proyect). Very close to Quetecsaurus, but also very different anatomically. The weight valued for Dreadnoughtus is a number that makes me go in a headache just thinking about it: 65 Short Tons!
Other new forms that deserve to be known are the new species of Allosaurus (A. lucasi), ceratosaurids Camarillasaurus and Fosterovenator, mamenchisaurid Huangshanglong, chasmosaurin Mercuriceratops, coelophysoid Panguraptor, (z)ankylosaurids Zaarapelta and Ziapelta, diplodocid Leinkupai and of course the fuzzy neornithischian Kulindadromeus, now featured on the letter K of my dinosaur alphabeat.

Let's hope for a stunning new year! Wishes!
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